Our day camp is non-crowded, crate and kennel free environment offering a day camp program focused on supporting your pup's healthy lifestyle. Dogs will be on a schedule rotating playtime, downtime, and thinktime - a "camp-like" day of activities and enrichment designed to give dogs both physical and mental stimulation, as well as rest, that is needed to keep them happy and healthy!


Open play in a 5,200 sf park with separation based on comfort and activity level. This can be as much about their energy, as their size, age, personality, play style, and more. No toys needed; this play is purely social.

A healthy dose of down time needed to balance a high arousal space. Your dog will still come home tired. It'll just be from a healthier combination of both physical and mental stimulation in their day.

Problem-solving activities and practice of select training cues. We've worked closely with a professional dog trainer and certified dog behavior consultant to create the best enrichment period for pups. They learn too? Yep, it’s like camp – but the human version!


The special bond you share with your pup is more than just about giving and receiving affection. We believe it’s also about the daily choices you make to keep them safe, healthy, happy… deeply loved. Much like the Park & Lounge that our members have come to love, our Day Camp is unique and special. It’s our version of a dog daycare service built to support that very special bond you share with your furry kids.


To love and treat your dog as we would our own.
To always keep a clean, safe and fun environment for your dog.
To prioritize your dog’s health and safety above all else.
To supervise interaction closely and protect dogs carefully.