Tail Wags Playground is Columbus' 1st indoor dog park and lounge! Our mission is based on a simple idea - we embrace and celebrate the very special bond that exists between dogs and their humans. We are more than an indoor dog park and cafe-like lounge that is dog-friendly. We are a premier destination where ultimate dog lovers and their pups can feel right at home. Click here to join our pack!

Socializing and exercising your pup is essential to keeping them healthy (not to mention fun to watch them romp around with their buddies!). Our indoor dog park is over 5,000 sf and similar to an outdoor dog park - except that it’s safe, clean and all-weather friendly.
Fun. Enjoy off-leash playtime with balls, pull-toys, squeakers, and games! Partial rubber flooring helps to give paws traction and cushion for tumbling around. There is agility equipment for the curious or competitive furry ones, and a separated area for the little ones. Are you planning a doggie birthday? Reserve our VIP (Very Important Pups) room and enjoy a private space for just you and your paw-guests.
Safe. Tail Wags Playground will always have staff to supervise safe play on the floor as well as keep the environment clean and free of unpleasant odors. Membership requirements include having current vaccinations, passing a temperament test and more - all designed to keep a friendly-pup environment with minimized risk of spreadable diseases and dog fights. For your peace of mind, our staff is also encouraged to intervene when necessary to ensure safety.
Want to combine play with work? With Playcare, eligible members can leave their pups playing in the park while they enjoy the lounge.

Come for play. Stay for work. Our on-leash lounge features Unlimited Free WiFi, music, One Line Coffee, and other snacks. Hooks and collars on furniture make it easy to clip your pup's leash near you. Sit down with your pup to get some work done in a relaxed environment knowing that you’re only a few feet away from allowing them play time when needed. Are you working on a team project? Use our community table – a work space where every day is “Bring Your Dog To Work Day”!
If you’ve ever had to leave your pup home to get some much-needed work done, you know how hard it is to leave those sad eyes behind – now, you don’t have to. Come to Tail Wags Playground and follow some play time in the off-leash dog park, with some work time for you in our on-leash dog lounge. Be sure to bring a Kong or similar toy to keep your pup busy at your feet while you work away.
Want to combine work with play? With Playcare, eligible members can leave their dogs to play in the park while they enjoy the lounge.
Socializing is not just for man’s best friend. Meet other dog lovers like you, enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend, or just mingle at a variety of fun social events. Dog lovers have common interests and we’re catering to them with regular educational and social events such as Wag 'n Learns, Breed Meetups and more.
We’re dog lovers and support dog lovers. That is why we welcome collaborating with local organizations or small businesses to co-host special events for very special dog lovers - that's you!
Are you a non-profit organization doing work for dogs (e.g. rescue shelter, service dog or animal welfare advocacy group)? To show our support, we offer our space free of space rental fee. Useful for board meetings, volunteer training, fundraisers, adoption events, etc. Contact us.

Columbus is home to many talented pet professionals. Professionals with insight that is valuable in making better decisions for your pups. There are so many choices that dog parents make and they’re not all easy. Imagine coming in to learn about what ingredients to look for in pet food; tips in dental hygiene; best grooming practices; breeder vs rescue options; caring tips for senior dogs; ways to keep them healthy; how to choose a veterinarian; and much more.
At Tail Wags, we support responsible dog ownership by bringing topics of interest to you through a variety of Wag N’ Learn events because there’s nothing more gratifying to us than healthy dogs and happy owners. And the best decisions are those that are made with information - lots of it!
Are you a local pet professional and want to explore event opportunities? Contact us.


Pups are not just pets - they're family.
Pups need to be near their humans to be happy.
Pups need to play, exercise and socialize to be healthy.
Dog lovers who believe the above were born with an extra dose of pawesome.


To love and treat your dog as we would our own.
To always keep a clean, safe and fun environment for your dog.
To always keep an inviting, comfortable, dog-friendly and fun space for you.
To build a community of dog lovers who have a place to meet, connect and share.