It’s HOT out!

It’s HOT out!


Let’s remember our long cold winters before we start complaining 😉 If you’re like me, this is heaven. Fido, on the other hand, might not agree.

Recently, we had Dr. Kim West from Health & Harmony Animal Hospital come to Tail Wags for a Wag ‘n Learn about Dog Heat Exhaustion. As usual, they were full of very helpful insight! For example, it’s easy to forget that dogs don’t have a cooling system like humans do. They don’t sweat nor do they require activity to be susceptible to heat stroke. Given the particular relevance as hotter days loom, we thought we’d share some tips we learned with you (per boss Jake who just wants to ‘keep it cool’ 😉 ).


  • Exercise intolerance
  • Dog sits; stops; looks for shade
  • Dog acts disoriented; their gums look red
  • Dog shows a “panicked look”
  • Dog seizures


  • Touch-test blacktop before walk (if too ot for touch, it’s too hot for your dog)
  • Avoid extreme heat exposure (restrict walks to only before and after sun is out/dusk/dawn)
  • Always have water with you on walks
  • Especially for breeds predisposed to less heat tolerance (e.g. bulldogs; frenchies; pugs), use a cooling device like backpacks with ice packs, wet bandanas, or gel/ice collars


  • If heat stroke, immediately go to closest animal emergency clinic
  • Placing cold rag on body may help
  • Alcohol on paw pads for cooling effect may help also
  • Always consult with your pet’s veterinarian

We hope this is useful! If you have any questions, please contact your preferred veterinarian or Health & Harmony. Enjoy the Summer! Give your dogs the freedom they love and be safe – they’ll love you for it.