We’ve listed answers to some frequently asked questions here, and we’re happy to add to it if you have any different questions of your own (contact us).

What vaccinations are required?
Rabies, Distemper, Parvo (Parvovirus), and Bordatella. Lepto (Leptospirosis) is also a zoonotic disease like Rabies, which means humans can get it too. For that reason, we highly recommend a Lepto vaccine but it is not required. Many dogs get combination vaccinations such as DHPP, DA2PP, DHPPV or DA2PPV and those include Distemper and Parvo.
Why must dogs be 9 months or older?
For the optimal safety of all dogs 🙂 Puppies' developmental stage is traditionally 2-6 months but even after then, they're still learning their boundaries. Boundaries which adult dogs, even the most socialized, can be sensitive around. So we increase that window to 9 months to ensure your pups are in the safest environment possible. We would hate for an unpleasant encounter to cause trauma during a sensitive period in their social development and assure you that we have their best interest in mind.
Why must they be spayed/neutered?
For the optimal safety of all dogs 🙂 There are health and behavioral benefits of spaying and neutering dogs. It includes behavior that keeps our play space peaceful, especially in the off-leash park. We understand some dog lovers may disagree or feel like that is not an option. And we hope they understand that we feel there is no option to allow exceptions to this requirement either. We always have the best interest of all pups in mind.
Do I need a paper copy of my proof of vaccinations?
In order to ensure all members meet the vaccinations requirement, we must file your proof in our records. You may bring a paper copy with you, or email it to info@tailwagsplayground.com if that is easier.
Can my vet fax you my dog's vaccination history?
We live in the 21st century and do not own a fax machine. However, to accommodate vet clinics with no other option, we use an online fax service that provides a unique fax number with every use (it's occasional). If you need it, let us know 🙂 Remember, you can email your records to us too (or forward a screenshot of vet online portal).
We just brought a new pup home and want to come - can we?
Congratulations and we can't wait to welcome you. Safety is our priority! So we ask that you hold your visit for 1 month to allow dedicated new dog owners to work on recall, control, and their new bond with their new pup. You'll be able to better answer our socialization/personality questions about your new fur friend and better assess if our space is the best fit for you.
Are kids allowed?
Absolutely! However, children under 5 years are not permitted in the park which is our off-leash space. Pups are very playful and active there and could accidentally run into a little one, which creates a safety hazard. Some dogs are also fearful of children or won't hesitate to jump on them either. So children are welcome in the lounge only and should always be supervised by an adult. Please be careful - we want your kids to be safe and our dog lovers to have a peace of mind (that their pups won't scare or harm your child).
Can I leave my dog in the park while I work in the lounge?
Yes for eligible members who can use Playcare to allow this. For anyone else, your dog is your responsibility and must be under your supervision at all times. Dogs behave very differently when their owners are not with them, especially if they sense that you're nearby and don't want you to leave without them! That said, please remember that Tail Wags exists to celebrate the bond between dog lover and their pups, so nothing makes us happier than seeing you interact and truly enjoy play time with your furry BFF!
Can my dog get on the furniture?
While we don't encourage it mainly to protect the life of our furniture, we won't mind if they do. We want our guests to always be comfortable in our lounge; we just recommend the use of our doggie beds for your furry BFFs.
Can we bring lawn chairs to the park?
While we can't allow your own chairs in the park, please remember that we have a lounge with plenty of comfy seating! The park was designed for play and interaction with your pup, for being on your feet playing with them - THEY LOVE THAT. And when you're ready for a break, step into the lounge to relax, sit back, and enjoy.
Why so many toys in the park?
You will see that Tail Wags has a different dynamic than an outdoor park. Our space while big, doesn't compare to the nature of most outdoor spaces. It's more about you and your pup. Our members enjoy coming to Tail Wags because it's a place where they bond with them and that bond is facilitated through play and interaction (with humans and other pups). So we have toys to facilitate that and our Park Leaders are there to supervise safe play.
Can I take food and/or drinks to the park?
Drinks are allowed especially since we offer the convenience of fresh coffee from our Doggie Bean Cafe! (We recommend the use of lids especially in the park to prevent spills). We also have high tables where you can set your drinks down. Because it's an off-leash park however, we dont allow food (unless it's dog treats) and that's to keep the humans comfortable with no yummy distractions for the pups at play.
Can I bring my own food to the lounge?
Yep! But please use your best judgment considering our lounge is a dog-friendly space. For example, never leave your food unattended and try to find a space away from our 4-legged guests.
What are your business hours?
We're open Monday-Friday, 6pm-9pm and Saturday, 11am-5pm. We're closed Sundays. Please note that our Park & Lounge business hours are SEASONAL ONLY (it's closed for Spring/Summer).
Do you offer dog daycare and/or boarding?
To complement our Park & Lounge, we offer Day Camp which is our version of a dog daycare service that is fabulous. We do not offer boarding.
Are your member fees per dog or per person?
Membership is dog based. Human dog lovers without dogs are always still welcome (for free).
You sell coffee too?
Pups and coffee? Absolutely! Our Doggie Bean Cafe is a self-serve cafe featuring the best coffee from One Line Coffee. You can buy your cup at our check-in counter and the rest is self-serve. No worries, we'll do the grinding and brewing - it's made fresh every day!
Can I rent space for a party & how much does it cost?
Absolutely! We have 3 private space options with prices that also depend on your party size and needed accommodations. Please give us a call and we'll be happy to recommend the best fit.
Do I get a discount for multiple dogs?
We love that your pup has fur-siblings or fur-kids! We do offer multiple dog discounts for pups in the same household (see Memberships for pricing). We kindly ask for no more than 3 dogs per owner/handler.
Do you have hourly (or weekly) membership rates?
Not at this time. The Tail Wags concept was designed to really offer a lot more than just a play space for your pup, so our rates are the most valuable for members with either very frequent or single extended-period visits. We want you to come and go as you please. Use the lounge to get some work done, work on a project with a team, relax with a book, or meet your friends to hang out. That said, we value member feedback and will revisit our packages as needed.
Can my Monthly Membership auto-renew (with recurring payment)?
Yes it can! The current default is a renewal notice, which you receive via an email that allows you to renew (and pay) online. However, please let us know if you want your membership setup to auto-renew and we'll be happy to do that.
Do you serve alcohol (or can I bring my own)?
No. While Tail Wags does not have a liquor license and is unable to offer alcoholic beverages to the public, we do have the ability to serve for private events only. That means alcohol-friendly events are reserved for members only - yet another perk for becoming one!
Can you add your price in Facebook?
Facebook's $ indicator is based on a comparison to other services like ours. In this case, there are no other comparisons to Tail Wags in our footprint so it's hard to give an accurate indicator. If you twisted our paws though, we'd give it a $$-$$$ range. (If you find a $ range, beware of fleas... haha, joking).
It’s easy to get over excited at such a pawsome indoor park, so we have created a few pointers to keep your best friend happy and healthy!
It’s easy to get worn out with all this interactive play.
This is why our Doggie Bean Cafe is perfect! You can put pup on a leash and enjoy a beverage (and doggy treat) for a rest; or work in our cozy cafe area with FREE Unlimited WiFi.
There’s so many new smells.
It’s a great idea to make pup’s first visit on a quiet day so he/she can explore and get comfortable with the park. This will limit the amount of stimuli and ensure happy future play with many new friends!
We have oodles of toys here.
If pup gets protective of toys, watch his/her behavior carefully. Look for an erect tail, ears pinned back and/or using the body to protect or “guard” the toy. Should this kind of behavior occur, calmly call pup over and take possession of the toy. Give pup a 30-60 seconds rest and get back to play! If the behavior persists, please remove the toy, move to a more secluded area of the park, or take a break in our spacious lounge while enjoying a cold beverage or hot cup of One Line coffee.
The park can get warm with all those wagging tails.
Make sure pup is drinking plenty of water - we have several dishes in various spots.
There are unwanted and unacceptable behaviors.
If you couldn't tell already, we take dog safety pretty seriously. We consult with a dog behavior specialist for staff training and internal standard handling procedures to keep the safest possible environment for your pups. With that, our Park Leaders assess behaviors every time there are dogs at play in the park. Please keep these flags in mind.
Unwanted behaviors (which require your attention):
-Begging (excessive)
-Waiting at the fence (excessive anxiety)
-Inability to follow recall/basic commands (sit, come)
-Inability to be redirected
Unacceptable behaviors (if pup can't be re-directed even after distance/breaks, it's time to go):
-Resource protecting or aggression
-Continued non-reciprocated play
-Extended vertical play
-Excessive barking
We make great strides to lower the chances of dog aggression.
We train competent staff who are in the park at all times that dogs are present. Our membership requirements greatly reduce risks. However, pups can still become overworked, overstimulated or intolerant of another dog’s play style. Though we are trained to de-escalate these situations at the first sign, should dog aggression occur we ask you to follow these simple steps:
  2. If your dog is not involved, calmly call them and exit the park to the airlock or cafe area. (This prevents “mobbing” or other dogs joining in).
  3. If your dog is involved, grab your dog’s leash and follow staff prompts. Failure to properly break up an altercation can result in injury.
What are the hours of Day Camp?
Drop off is 7am-9am and pickup is 5pm-7pm.
Can I drop my dog off for a half day?
Yes we do. Half days are for mornings only with drop-off at 7am-9am and pick-up at 11:30am-12:00pm; and it's priced at $13/half-day.
Can I leave food for my dog?
Currently no, simply because the rotations of our camp activities don’t allow staff members to separately feed meals at various times per owner request. We kindly ask that you feed your pups prior to drop-off and understand that they will be reunited with you in time for dinner!
Can I call in the day before if I want to do a last minute drop off for my dog?
Enrollments for weekly packages allow you to pre-select your Day Camp days each week for the 1st through 31st of the enrollment month. This may make it easier to plan your days around. But we know life happens! If you need to switch days for any particular week, you may call or email us. We just ask that give us a minimum 24 hour notice for any attendance changes.
How are play groups assigned?
Play groups are assigned based on comfort and activity level (this can be as much about their energy, as their size, as their age, as their personality. It’s unique to each dog and we do our best to identify the best pairings).
How will Day Camp be different from other doggie day cares?
We love this question! And we can go on and on about our standards for creating the best possible environment for dogs, but in a nutshell - we are not an all-day, open play space for dogs. To us, while it’s nice to have dogs come home tired, how they get tired (what they’re exposed to) is very important in supporting a healthy lifestyle. To that end, our Day Camp has a more structured rotation of a variety of “activities” beyond open play. Downtime, is rest that is crucial to a healthy balance of high and low arousal (always high is not always best). Thinktime, are exercises that stimulate the mind and include practice of select training cues. In the end, your dog will still come home tired. But they’ll be tired from a healthy cycle to their day that stimulated them both physically and mentally.
Why do you schedule down time? I want my pup to play all day so they come home tired.
Your dog will still come home tired (see above). We believe rest is crucial to a healthy balance of high and low arousal (always high is not always best). Some dogs do very well in an all-day, all-play environment. If that is the case for you, our Day Camp may not be the best fit. Our best advice is to seek the service that is best fit for you and your pup.
I am currently a Tail Wags member, how do I enroll in Day Camp?
You’ll want to register with your next visit to our Park & Lounge, or call us and do so by phone/email. We’ll ask that you sign a Day Camp Terms & Agreement to add to your file and you can select your Day Camp package (which allows us to add you to the roster). If you select a weekly package, you will be asked to pick your preferred day for Day Camp (you still have the flexibility to switch days from week to week if you wish). Payments for Day Camp are due at drop-off (if weekly package, they are due by the 1st day of Day Camp in the month). You can also choose to pay anytime in advance.
*While existing members can bypass the registration process for Day Camp required for new members, we reserve the right to decline use of Day Camp or request a visit if existing member has not visited Tail Wags for a significant period of time. This is done to properly acclimate dogs to our environment and ensure a good fit. There is a two week trial period to ensure our members are satisfied with how their dogs do in our Day Camp setting.
I am currently a Tail Wags member at the Monthly (or Annual) level. What is this VIP pricing I see?
One very pawesome perk of being a monthly or semi-annual member, is that you get optimal flexibility and discount for Day Camp use. VIP pricing is set at a flat $20/day for any use of Day Camp, whether it's a weekly package (at any frequency level) or a single 1X DAILY use. Woof-worthy? We think so!
My dog has been to Tail Wags many times to play in the park, why do they need a trial period for Day Camp?
All dogs are afforded a trial period to help ensure that our Day Camp is the best fit for your dog(s). The dynamic of Day Camp is different than what your dog is used to in our Park & Lounge. Many dogs will thrive in both environments, but a trial period allows us to identify scenarios where a dog may be fitting for one setting and not the other. Remember, what is in the dogs best interest will always be our priority.
I’m new to Tail Wags, how do I get my pup enrolled in Day Camp?
You will need to schedule registration in advance. Day Camp registrations are open weekdays 5pm-9pm and weekends 9am-5pm. To avoid hold times, appointments are highly recommended.