Introducing Playcare & Date Night

Introducing Playcare & Date Night

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been only five months since our grand opening. Time flies when you’re having a blast with man’s best friends (yes – the furry ones). When I opened Tail Wags, I knew there was a plethora of ‘ideas’ that would continue to make Tail Wags the best destination for dogs and dog lovers. But I also wanted our members to steer us in the right direction. In just five months we absorbed a lot of feedback and now, we’re ready to put a couple ideas into action… introducing Playcare and Date Night!


One of the most common questions we get asked is “can I leave my dog playing in the dog park while I’m in the lounge?”. The answer was always “no”, but for valid reasons. Ones that have to do with the health, safety & happiness of dogs – what is at the heart of everything we do. You see, the behavior of dogs with and without their owners are very different. Add in the element of a unique environment and it can get downright confusing (“No Fido, this is not boarding, the vet clinic or daycare. Your mom/dad are NOT leaving you here!”).

We knew we couldn’t allow every new dog – still getting familiar with our space – to be separated from their loved humans while sensing they’re nearby without expecting some level of stress or anxiety. That changes the dynamic of a space that dog lovers want to enjoy with their dogs. So we stood by and observed, and learned, and observed again… It was important for us to see how dogs got familiar with our space; how they used it; and what makes some more or less comfortable in it.

Quickly, we learned that many of our members are ready for what we are calling Playcare: supervision of fur-kid play while their human is in our lounge (NOT daycare; dogs are not dropped off for the day). In fact, it’s your pups who will “show” us if they want and are ready for Playcare.

  • Dogs who are comfortable in park with Park Leaders can stay in park while owners are in lounge
  • Includes a max limit to encourage humans to join their pup for play (it’s that bond we love!)
  • Best environment for dogs is priority (unhappy dogs will be reunited with their humans)
  • Terms apply to optimize dog comfort/behavior fit (must read terms: please click here)

Playcare is perfect for work-from-home professionals or graduate students who no longer have to sacrifice play with their dogs while staying productive! It’s just one way we’re responding to your needs and keeping true to our values.

Date Night

Yet another way we’re going where you tell us. Last month we tested Date Night with a few participating members and collected feedback to refine what became an idea dog lovers get really excited about.

We believe dogs make the best company (especially yours!). But dog lovers need human time too. Every 2nd Friday of the month, we’d like to take your pup for an evening of play and furry fun while you enjoy a night out with good food, drinks and company. Here’s how it works:

  • $12/dog ($4/additional dog; 3 max.)
  • Drop-off @ 5-6pm & Pick-up @ 8-9pm
  • Reservations required (limited spots available)
  • Members only (to ensure dog comfort/behavior fit in our space)

Note: Our park & lounge will close at 5pm on Date Nights to devote all our attention to your pups.

You told us it’s nice to have a night off doggie duty from time to time and we couldn’t agree more. So have fun while we spoil your pup in a familiar and safe environment! When you get home, your pup should be ready to relax too.

Find these (and a “Tailgate Date” version for select OSU football games) on our calendar of events.

“We hope you’re as excited as we are. A big thank you to all members who have given us feedback & ideas. We listen closely. Hugs to the pups & see you soon!”