Tail Wags Day Camp, our version of dog daycare, features a non-crowded, crate- and kennel-free environment where dogs come weekdays to play, think and rest. We’ve carefully crafted a structured Day Camp program with Heather Luedecke of Delighted Dog Training Academy. Heather is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), and an active professional member of the Pet Profession Guild. We’ve purposefully created a schedule that features a rotation of playtime, thinktime and downtime. Your dog will enjoy a day of puzzles, activities and enrichment designed to both mentally and physically stimulate your pup while including plenty of rest in between to keep them healthy and happy. And our favorite perk, our day campers can hang with their pup in our Park & Lounge at pickup for some bonus bonding!
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Dogs enjoying playtime at Day Camp at Tail Wags

Our dog Day Camp features supervised playtime during which dogs are specifically chosen to play together to support socialization. We carefully watch how dogs are playing to ensure they have a healthy flow of high and low arousal, which is the best form of healthy play and doesn't trigger scuffles. While some dog daycares are “all play, all day,” we recognize the importance of regulating arousal levels in our dogs by rotating among playtime, thinktime and downtime. Our staff is trained to know when it’s time to pause play in positive ways (no loud noises or spray bottles here!) and how to use friendly methods of redirection and distraction to ensure our dogs are always happy and healthy.

Dog with a puzzle during thinktime at Tail Wags Day Camp

We’ve created enrichment plans for our Day Care pups so that they leave not only happier but also with their mental muscles stretched. Our Park Leaders practice one-on-one training cues to replicate real-life situations so our dogs are always learning better behavior. Our structured thinktime features puzzles, problem-solving and games to help your pup learn. We keep a track record of our pups’ progress so their humans can see how much they’re growing at dog Day Camp. It’s just like camp, but for furry friends only.

Doggos sleeping during downtime at Tail Wags Day Camp

With all this playing and puzzles, a rotation of rest is crucial for our pups. We structure a healthy dose of downtime for our Day Camp dogs to balance the high-arousal periods of playing and thinking. Downtime also comes with a healthy dose of comfort. We even have burlap dog beds to make sure pups are nice and cozy – and they love them!
Your dog will still be tired after Day Camp, but it’s from a healthy combination of both physical and mental stimulation all day instead of exhaustion from too much arousal from all-day play.


The special bond you share with your pup is more than just about giving and receiving affection. We believe it’s also about the daily choices you make to keep them safe, healthy, happy… deeply loved. Much like the Park & Lounge that our members have come to love, our Day Camp is unique and special. It’s our version of a dog daycare service built to support that very special bond you share with your furry kids.


To love and treat your dog as we would our own.
To always keep a clean, safe and fun environment for your dog.
To prioritize your dog’s health and safety above all else.
To supervise interaction closely and protect dogs carefully.