Playcare is a free benefit of membership that allows pups to stay in our indoor park playing under the supervision of Tail Wags Park Leaders, while their human BFFs are in our lounge for work, meetings, etc. It’s different than Daycare in that it doesn’t allow members to “drop off” their dogs. Instead, it’s a convenient addition to a space that celebrates your bond with your furry friend (meaning, you stay at Tail Wags with them).
This benefit is especially useful for eligible members who are work-from-home professionals, graduate students, or other dog lovers who yearn for productivity without sacrificing Fido fun. In order to maintain the best possible environment for all pups (both with or without their humans), the following applies.
Why offer Playcare now? For the full scoop, click here.

-Minimum three (3) visits and acceptable dog behavior to be eligible (this allows dog to get familiar with indoor park and staff)
-Number of dogs using Playcare may be limited to keep a safe dog-to-staff ratio (priority given to Monthly/Annual members)
-Park Leaders may require dog owner assistance (e.g. to relieve dogs outside; relax in lounge if dog is tired or over-stimulated)
-Dog owners must stay on premise (allows staff to gain owner assistance when needed)
-Use of Playcare is for a 3 hour maximum (reset if dog owner joins their pup in the park for some play time)
Please remember that we will always want to keep your pups safe and happy, often seen by their behavior (their way of communicating). This benefit is not for all dogs. If your dog shows stress or anxiety at the fence line without being able to distract and engage (diminished the more familiar and comfortable they are with space and staff), we will bring them back to you.
If you couldn't tell already, we take dog safety pretty seriously here at Tail Wags. We consult with a dog behavior specialist for staff training and internal standard handling procedures to keep the safest possible environment for your pups. With that, our Park Leaders assess behaviors every time there are dogs at play in the park - with or without their owners. To more smoothly make use of Playcare, please keep these red flags in mind.
The following are unwanted behaviors (which will often require dog owner assistance).
-Waiting at the fence (excessive anxiety without owner)
-Inability to follow recall/basic commands (sit, come)
-Inability to be redirected
The following are unacceptable behaviors (if pup can't be re-directed even after distance/breaks, it's time for pup to go).
-Resource protecting or aggression
-Continued non-reciprocated play
-Extended vertical play
-Excessive barking
Sounds barktastic? Excellent. If you're excited and ready to use Playcare, here is how easy it is:
1. Check-in as you normally would and ask for Playcare eligibility (we must verify your account)
2. Take your pup to the park for a few minutes initially (often, they CAN'T WAIT to go in there!)
3. Tell a Park Leader when you're ready to leave your pup in the park.
Just like that, you're set to enjoy some work time or a cup of coffee in the lounge. Friendly tip: bring a Kong or similar toy/treats that can keep your pup busy should they want or need to join you in the lounge for an extended period of time. Enjoy Playcare!