By now, you know that we're much more than an indoor dog park and cafe-like lounge that is dog-friendly, plus a dog camp that is like a human camp. Pawesome? Barktastic? Excellent. Welcome to Tail Wags!
Remember, we're member based. We define members as pups (and their humans) who have completed our registration process and confirmed their membership (following approval); including those who occasionally use our Daily pass only (the default level). Take a look at our membership levels, requirements and registration. Member requirements are strictly enforced and optimize our ability to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all dogs. Thank you for understanding and we hope to welcome you soon!


Membership Requirements
To keep a safe and healthy environment for fido, we ask that our furry members meet these requirements:
- Dog(s) are 9 months or older
- Dog(s) are spayed or neutered
- Dog(s) are up to date on vaccinations
- Dog(s) have been socialized and/or completed dog training
- Dog(s) have no repeated history of aggression with people/dogs
Please download our Member Rules & Agreement to keep for your records.
Membership Registration
How fast is that tail wagging? Good thing we make it easy to register when you're ready. You can complete the following in person or online.
1) Meet our Member Requirements
2) Complete our Member Registration
3) Sign our Member Rules & Agreement
Please bring a copy of vaccination records with your first visit. We'll ask about your dog(s)' personality and observe them interact with others to ensure they're comfortable in this environment (assessment).


Membership Renewals
Our Monthly and Semi-Annual members receive an automated renewal reminder. They have the option to renew each month, or be setup on recurring auto-renewals (just ask!). To keep your pup's vaccination records up to date, you can:
1) bring a copy along with your next visit,
2) email a copy to, or
3) upload a copy using the form on the Contact Us page.
Thank you for being a member and most of all, thank you for sharing your pup(s) with us! We hope there are no goodbyes.


Single visit barks
Per Day

Best for use as-needed

Good for single visit only

Stay as long as you like (come & go)

3-Pack Savings! Get 3 Days for $30

Unlimited semi-annual tails
Per 6-Months

Best bark for your buck

Unlimited visits for 6 months

Just 2 visits/week saves over 30%

Gets Day Camp VIP Pricing!

Multiple Dogs
Does Fido have a fur-sibling or fur-kid? Even better! Park & Lounge prices are significantly discounted for each additional dog: Daily = $1/dog, Monthly = $5/dog; Semi-Annual = $10/dog. Must live in same household and we kindly ask  for no more then 3 dogs per owner/handler.
Space is available for dog lovers hosting doggie birthday pawties or meet-ups; and for pet professionals who want a private space for their customers or special events. Please call for pricing. We love to support non-profit animal welfare organizations, so we also offer FREE use of our space exclusively to 501(c)3 organizations for meetings, work sessions, training, adoption events, fundraisers, etc.


Single happy paws
Per Day

Best for occasional use of Day Camp

24+ hr notice for reservations/changes

3-Pack Savings! Get 3 Days for $75

School of wagging tails
Per Day

Best for weekly use of Day Camp

Same pups in "class" each week

Builds best comfort and trust level in pups!

Weekly vs. Daily
We see how much dogs benefit socially when they interact with familiar tails. Just like people, they behave more comfortably when a level of trust is established and nurtured. Their freedom is enjoyed with less stress and of course, they LOVE playing with their BFFs. So our Day Camp weekly option is designed to create familiar "classes" and the most comfortable camp environment for your pups in each enrollment period. Yes - you have the flexibility to switch days when necessary. But your pup will do best when kept to a routine schedule. They are beautiful creatures of habit after all.
For pups (and their humans) who are unable to benefit from a weekly schedule. our daily option will meet the occasional or emergency Day Camp needs.
Multiple Dogs
Fur-siblings are always welcome! Day Camp prices are discounted 29%-50% for each additional pup: Daily = $20/dog, Weekly = $15/dog, and VIP = $10/dog. Siblings must live in same household (3 max).


How Members Enroll
Enrollment in Day Camp is for the month. Members enroll in Day Camp in two easy steps:
1) Select Weekly vs Daily use: how frequently will your pup camp with us during the enrollment month?
2) Select Preferred Day: what day(s) will your pup camp with us?
We'll put you on our roster and you're all set! (Payments can be made on your first day of camp). We're as flexible as you need so if you need to cancel/move your reservation, a call or email will do (we just require a 24 hour notice).
New members are required to register before Day Camp enrollment. This includes a tour for you and answers to all your questions, and an assessment to ensure your pup will thrive in our Day Camp environment. Registrations can be done anytime during our Park & Lounge hours and although walk-ins are welcome, scheduling an appointment is highly recommended.
While existing members can bypass the registration process required for new members, we reserve the right to decline use of Day Camp or request an assessment if existing member has not visited Tail Wags for a significant period of time. This is done to properly acclimate dogs to our environment and ensure a good fit. The first three (3) days of Day Camp are a trial period for every dog to ensure the best fit for your furry friends.