New Event Calendar!

New Event Calendar!


Some of you know that we host a variety of different events. It was always part of the dream for Tail Wags to also play part in building a community of dog lovers through either social or educational events; even gatherings for fundraising or awareness to support local animal shelters. We’ve been grateful for all the partnerships we started building almost immediately (dog lovers are a dream to work with!), but we also quickly found ourselves with events posted in different places making it hard for our members to get one clear view of all that is going on.

Enter our new Events Calendar. Sounds so basic, but nope – we didn’t have one! (Jake says “no judging please”). We still might use different platforms for RSVPs. For example, we use Eventbrite when tickets need to be sold in advance. But alas! You now have a monthly or list view of any events that we have on our calendar. The goal is to parallel this to our internal one, which is always up to date. That way, if you have a private reservation to make you can also see what days are open.

So there you have it! Bookmark this baby on your phone, tablet, PC, or all. As always, we’re open to your feedback… especially when accompanied by a picture of your pup doing a silly trick. (Just kidding about the latter. Kind of.)