Tail Wags on a shirt? Hmm…

I really shouldn’t be sharing this early in stages, but the excitement is hard to hold back! Tail Wags is working on featuring an exclusive Tail Wags apparel design that humans and/or pups can wear. I’m THRILLED to have collaborated with Winks & Whiskers, a new startup that we’re also proud to support (a portion of their sales is donated to shelters – how pawesome is that?!). I wanted a shirt I’d love to wear myself with something on it that only dog lovers would understand; something that also celebrates local (and of course Tail Wags!). Eric’s design genius did an amazing job! Here’s a sneak peak and only a draft. Rest assured, we’ll also be looking for the best fabric (who says Fido can’t appreciate a light and soft fabric on their coats?!).