Wag ‘n Learn Training Tips

Wag ‘n Learn Training Tips

WAG ‘N LEARN: /wag, (ə)n, lərn/ 1. A series of events featuring local pet pros who share their expertise with pup lovers. 2. A barktastic made up name.

Almost as soon as we opened, we started to get asked if we’d offer training some day. I’ve used training for Jake before and remember how important it was to find trainers who practice positive reinforcement only and were a good fit for him. As of recently, I’ve also learned that training can be very healthy not just at puppy stage, but also as adults. It can instill confidence in them; stimulate their minds; and most importantly – grow the love they have for you even deeper.

That said, we found an opportunity to support pet pros who specialize in dog behavior/training and bring value to our members! To start, we’re co-hosting Wag ‘n Learns with trainers who will share some basic training tips. They’re 30 minutes, free, dog friendly, and in our lounge. (You might need to plan for some play time before so pup can relax a bit while the humans learn; member levels apply for park use).

*To keep tails wagging, we have to limit the size of these Wag ‘n Learns so please be sure to RSVP.

You will see classes being offered at Tail Wags in the future too. We’re thrilled to have both Elsa and Nicola, who are very good at what they do. If you ever consider training, these Wag ‘n Learns are also a good way to ‘meet the trainer’ and see how they fit with your pup. We hope you can join us!